AP Lit Question 3 (open): a NINE

In our world today, the fear of people who do not look, act, or talk like us is crippling. We, as a whole, do not easily accept or assimilate those who have been otherized into our communities. Throughout various works of literature, though, it is evident that characters whose origins are unusual or mysterious are able to fully participate in the societies in which they appear. Toni Morrison’s Beloved presents one such situation. When the spirit of Sethe’s late baby materializes at her doorstep, the lives of Sethe, Denver, Paul D, and Beloved are changed forever. Because of Beloved’s unusual origins, she has trouble formulating a meaningful self-identity, the family is polarized because of her unexpected arrival, and the novel as a whole is able to better communicate the message that humans have a distinct and deep ability to adapt to new environments. Continue reading “AP Lit Question 3 (open): a NINE”

AP Lit Question 2 (prose): a NINE

In this passage from The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, an 18th century work by Tobias Smollet, Mr. Pickle happens on an encounter with the soldier Godfrey Gauntlet, who wishes to know about Mr. Pickle’s relationship with his sister. This culminates in tense emotions firing between the pair of them and a physical duel, yet all the while Smollet shows how such tension and emotions were in part kept in check by an element of honor, dignity, and respect that was expected from two men as per the social norms of the time. Continue reading “AP Lit Question 2 (prose): a NINE”

AP Lit Question 1 (poetry), a NINE

Rachel M. Harper’s “The Myth of Music” weaves together a narrative of a childhood and of a cultural heritage as a whole ─ how music was and is entwined with black history and every aspect of the speaker’s life. Detailed metaphors of various musical tools and elements create the elaborate memory of a musically enhanced childhood. Furthermore, the combination of such images or metaphors with more specific anecdotes or memories creates a poem with a form of continuous time and music ─ one that binds memory and music together. Continue reading “AP Lit Question 1 (poetry), a NINE”